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Mouse Weight Reduction Mod

We recommend using our TJ Exclusives Mousepad cleaner kit, which comes with the cleaner and microfiber cloth. 

The Cerapad is more of a speed pad.  The Cerapad-Kin is a control focused hardpad.  Iridium, plutonium, etc. are names for the different sizes.

It will take a minimum of 20 hours gameplay to break in.

As the Cerapad is a handmade product small circles can appear from very small inconsistencies in the ceramic. They will not affect performance, and they are not considered a defect.

As the Cerapad is handmade, the edges of the pad will get some overspray on them. Any chipping on the edges of the pad does not warrant a replacement as it will not affect performance.

As the Cerapads go through many different operations before being finished. There can be a striped pattern on surface. You will not be able to feel the transition and it does not warrant a replacement.

Place them close to where the original skates were on the original base.

If we have an installation guide, it will be on our blog.  If we do not have a guide there, our suggestion it to search YouTube for your mouse’s name plus “teardown”. There are many great videos that’ll show you how to take apart your mouse.

Yes, we most likely can. We do have a list for the mice we’re working on. Hearing from you helps us prioritize what we work on. We love hearing what you want to see, so please contact us and let us know.

Yes, we generally can. We’re not completely setup for this, so it will take some extra time to do. Please contact us if you want a specific color other than black.

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