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The Cerapad-Kin is a pad that really redefines the way we look at a hard pad.

🚨 I received this product free for review, all words in this review are mine and receiving the pad itself has not influenced the integrity of this review.

The Cerapad Kin is a pad that really redefines the way we look at a hard pad. In the past we’ve seen hard pads such as the Skypad 2.0 and 3.0, the Glorious Elements Air, and even further back in our history things like the Steelpad and IcePad. Now, we have the Cerapad. Let’s get into it:


From receiving the box marked with the logo of TJExclusives, something you don’t usually see a lot from some gaming peripheral companies, to pulling it out and the light green tones really catching your eyes, the etched logo in the bottom right corner, this pad is beautiful. Flipping it over reveals the carbon fiber vinyl backing, I think it’s really nice but doesn’t fit well with the design of the pad. It was sort of jarring to see, but you don’t really look at that side so personally it doesn’t bother me.


Man, I went into the pad expecting a hybrid pad at the slowest, somewhere along the lines of a Hayate Otsu or Hien, but I was totally wrong, and in the best way possible. The Cerapad Kin is not lying when it advertises itself as a control pad; comparing it to the LGG Jupiter they’re very similar pads. Comparing it to the Glorious Ice they are completely different pads. The surface of the Cerapad Kin is incredibly smooth and consistent, has not developed slow spots, and has very low abrasion on the mouse feet when moving around the pad. Another review talked about a wear in period for the pad, I never really noticed one, and I have used the Glorious Ice which has a very obvious wear in, I should have a perception of some period of wear in but all four corners and center of the pad are a consistent similar pad, including my low mouse time areas. The ceramic coating on this gives an unbelievable amount of control, it really does contend with some of the best cloth control pads. I use low cm (27-35/360) and didn’t notice any issues, I never really tried a higher sensitivity though I will be soon.


Coming into this I wasn’t expecting the level of quality the Cerapad Kin delivers. It really is a quality product, the first thing I thought when I picked it up was this was the luxury sports car of mousepads, because it really is. The pad is beautiful, the ceramic coating is impeccable, the slightly chamfered edges make for a comfortable experience, I really don’t have many gripes with this pad on a personal level.


For those looking to buy and maintain one of these pads, I would purchase a microfiber cloth and PH balanced cleaner. PH balance is important because it won’t harm the coating on the pad, I usually clean mine daily with the cleaner and dust it every time I go to use it the rest of the day, just wiping it off with the towel. Long term upkeep is a lot easier than a cloth pad because it doesn’t need to be washed, and it will last a lot longer as well.

Future Reviews:

Looking towards the future for robbfps, as I join forces with a certain other coach in the field of VALORANT we will also be working on video based content together where we will hopefully re-review this on an even longer term scale for a video, so look for that next year –robbfps

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