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Tools Required:
– T5 Torx screwdriver
– 00 Philips screwdriver

1) Remove the rear skates from the mouse. Removing the front skates is unnecessary.  Unscrew the two screws with a T5 torx screwdriver.

2) Grab the sides of the mouse and squeeze to start separating the base from the top shell. Carefully pull on the back of the base to unclip it from the top shell. Do not pull it too far as there is a ribbon cable attached between the two.

3) Pull the ribbon cable out of the connector on the pc board.

4) Unscrew the two 00 philips screws that are holding down the battery cover. Pull up on the cover to remove it.

5) Unplug the battery from the pc board and remove the battery carefully by pulling up on it.

6) Remove the two remaining 00 philips screws and remove the pc board from the mouse base.

7) Place the pc board on the lightweight base and screw in the four 00 philips screws. Do not overtighten, these just need to be barely snug.

8) Plug the battery into the pc board and stick it down to the base.

9) Grab the top shell and plug the ribbon cable back into the pc board.

10) Insert the front tabs of the base into the front of the top shell. Then swing the rear end of the mouse closed.

11) Screw in the two T5 torx screws in the back of the mouse.

12) Stick on some new mouse skates.  They are positioned in the same spot as they were on the original base.  Congratulations, you’re all done!

We recommend taking some time to test it out.  Sometimes the lift off distance may need to be slightly adjusted.

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