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gaming mousepad cleaner and microfiber

We receive many messages from people asking what the best way is to take care of their Cerapad. Here are some guidelines on how to do just that:

  • Before each gaming session, wipe down the surface of your Cerapad and bottom of your mouse skates. We recommend using a microfiber cloth and TJ Exclusives cleaning solution or a glass cleaner.
  • Wipe down your Cerapad occasionally between rounds or as needed.
  • For a deep cleaning, you can use an alcohol wipe.
  • Do not place hard, sharp objects on your Cerapad e.g. keys, or watches.
  • PTFE skates are optimal. Hard skates are not recommended.
  • Clean the rubber feet with a wet cloth if the Cerapad doesn’t stick to your desk.

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  1. Hello!
    Just wanted to leave a review of my experience (so far) with my new Cerapad Kin!

    A little story time first.
    I use my set up for both work and gaming, so I have used a bunch of different cloth/hybrid pads over the years, and have always been looking for a new pad to use for both. One thing that I was always dreading, was cleaning my pads. Carefully washing (by hand of course), then waiting for hours, or the next day for them to dry. They would be fine new, get slower the more I used them, then clean them, be fine, then get slower, then the cycle would continue, and I stopped looking for anything else when we moved and life got crazy.

    I started watching reviews of glass pads, and went down the glass pad review rabbit hole. I saw a bunch of reviews for the Cerapad Kin, and saw that it was glass cores, coated with ceramic, giving it that speed AND control I was looking for. Plus, it was glass and I didn’t have to wash glass! I hesitated on grabbing one, but finally decided to.

    I was switching almost everyday between my current pads of the Razer Strider and Fnatic Dash, but then I received my Cerapad Kin on the 13th of June, 2023, put it on my desk and started using it right away for work, and man can I say that was the easiest and smoothest transition to a new pad that I’ve ever had.

    First impressions:
    I was super worried that when I started using it for work on the 13th (lol), that my mouse was going to be all over the place and I wasn’t going to be able to click on anything, but boy was I wrong. I was able to do detailed work on the documents I was working on and it was a blast use the whole day. After work I gamed on it, and the awesome experience carried over. My aim felt smooth and controlled, and I never had that loss of control I was worried about.

    The reviews said that there might be a break in period, but I didn’t have that on mine, and it’s been the same feeling for me every time I’ve used it. The rounded edges are super nice and the edges in general are just really smooth on the skin and don’t get in the way of aiming or flicking.

    A couple things to note: I want to be open and honest, so 1. The packaging was damaged on arrival (definitely by the carrier), so I wasn’t able to get that unboxing experience I saw in the reviews, but the pad was completely in perfect condition, with no dings, chips, or scratches and has been fine since receiving it. 2. If you get anything stuck under a mouse skate, like hair, or big pieces of dust, you WILL feel it, a quick wipe and it’s gone, but you will feel it. Lol.

    To sum it all up: This is my endgame pad. Everything about the Cerapad Kin is everything I’ve wanted in a mousepad and I won’t go back to a cloth/hybrid pad unless I’m absolutely forced to. I feel like this will last me forever, and the only time I’ll have to get another, is if I break this one on accident, or if I want a different color to spice up the set up. 🙂

    Thank you for reading this far if you did!

    I truly wish the TJ Exclusives team the greatest of success and thank them for the hard work and dedication they put in their craft, as it really shows in their products and customer service.

    I truly hope you have an awesome day and stay safe, and I highly recommend the Cerapad Kin if you are looking for a glass, control focused pad!

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