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Cerapad KIN – Control Focused Gaming Mouse Pad

15 customer reviews


The all-new Cerapad-KIN provides 40% more control than our original Cerapad, for those seeking added friction and steadiness. It’s also virtually elimanates any skin sticking to the surface that all other glass pads experience. The KIN is the gaming world’s first and only control-focused gaming hard pad. A perfect choice for Valorant and all Tacshooters. Available in 6 colors and customizable with your gamer tag or logo.

Discount on arm sleeve when bundle.

Discount on mouse pad cleaner when bundle. Typically ships separately.

Personalize your Cerapad with a ceramic engraving. Your name will be placed in the lower left corner. Color options are black, white, yellow, and red. Please specify if you want a specific font. Type in the text box below:

  • Product Details

    TJ Exclusives is very excited to introduce the new Cerapad-KIN V2. The Cerapad-KIN is the gaming world’s first and only control ceramic hardpad. This all-new V2 surface provides even more control than our original Cerapad-KIN, and a complete new manufacturing process providing incredible durability thanks to the addition of metallic flakes to the surface. 

     Experience exceptional tracking and perfect control and never overshoot your target again thanks to the micro ceramic embedded in the surface of the Cerapad-KIN. A game changer for many FPS players who are seeking a hardpad with exceptional steadiness and precision while eliminating the sticky surface feeling of other glass pads The Cerapad-KIN is being hailed as the new standard for Valorant, CounterStrike and Tacshooters, while also being loved by the Apex, Overwatch and Call Of Duty community, with more and more professional gamers using the pad everyday. We are the only company to offer a hardpad that is customizable with your gamertag or logo. Being available in 5 sizes and 6 different colors. Check out our reviews page to hear what gamers are saying.

    Experience your endgame mousepad. And take comfort with TJ Exclusives world-wide known exceptional customer support.


  • New V2 surface with added metallic flakes for more control and looks
  • Incredibly accurate tracking
  • Control-focused, ideal for tactical shooters
  • Rubber feet to keep the pad solidly planted
  • Non-wearing ceramic mouse surface never needs replacing
  • Super tough
  • Tempered-glass core
  • Hand made in the USA

  • Package Includes

    Cerapad KIN Mouse Pad

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Grey, White, Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow

15 reviews for Cerapad KIN – Control Focused Gaming Mouse Pad

  1. Hoang Huynh

    Best hard pad I’ve used so far, came in a nice packaging!

  2. Nabrial (verified owner)

    Awesome pad, just the right amount of speed and control.

  3. vitalikish (verified owner)

    This pad is the best thing that has ever happened to when it comes to pc peripherals ever. The glide on this pad is insane: smooth and consistently controlled glide, which has never before seen on a pad with a hard surface.

  4. Kameron

    Hey it’s HORIZYN (HorizonMods),
    Genuinely impressed with how innovative you guys are! Without a doubt the best hardpad I’ve ever used and one of the best control pads I’ve ever used, insanely good for fps games like Valorant, CSGO, and I even used it with Apex and OW2 with fast mouse skates. Highly recommend!

  5. mario (verified owner)

    Best mousepad i ever used! 10/10

  6. Cedryk

    My first hardpad and it’s probably one of the best choices i’ve made. I bought it on i though i’d leave a review here also. It’s easy to control but still has good amount of speed. Movements are effortless and lightweight. I’ve used the Artisan Zero, EGG MPC450, Aqua Control S, Equate,Gamesense Radar and Razer Strider. This is a great entry into the hardpad world for me. My favorite mousepad by far. It’s a bit pricey but worth it to me and the durability should last a good while. Final mention is the great support from the people at TJ Exclusives they’re awesome and ready to help if you ever have an issue.

  7. Ivan Vera (verified owner)

    Coming from an artisan fx zero xl soft, I was worried I wouldn’t have as much control compared to the zero. Boy was I wrong, this exceeded my expectations, the glide is smooth, control feels right, the overall premium feel of the unboxing/packaging and pad itself is top tier and the largest size pad (osmium) is definitely an upgrade compared to the artisan xl size and has me worried free since I don’t have to think about running out of mouse space. If you play low sens/dpi and have the money, definitely go for the osmium size. You’ll thank me later.

    Huge thanks to Tim for putting up with my complicated logo but managed to make it work and is flawless. Couldn’t have gotten it any better.

    If my pad somehow breaks or is damaged (or if any sort of upgrade/revision/new model comes out) I’ll be going and sticking with TJ exclusives for the foreseeable future! You’ve earned a loyal customer.

  8. worvernscar (verified owner)

    actually makes a difference. Used a cloth pad, primarly a large ‘cover the entire table’ kind for years. Never really gave it much thought. Mousepad is a mousepad i thought. The instant i used the cerapad, my god, the control and smoothness was better. I thought a hard pad, and a ‘ceramic’/possibly fragile hardpad akin to glass might be a bad move but i was wrong. Control is amazing and I have no issued keeping my aim, despite being terrible at it, on point. Pad is easy on the skin, I don’t have any outstasnding issues with that therefore a ‘gaming sleeve’ is not necessary (just an extra thing I need to wash really). Cause the control and speed are good, I don’t even need the larger ones. Original is all the room I need with a hardpad like this. Its expensive, for sure, but as long as I don’t drop it on a hard surface or any drop in general, this is probably the end all pads for me.

  9. nummy405 (verified owner)

    Came looking good and felt great, amazing control but also great glide.

  10. tinhajj (verified owner)

    The most enjoyable hard pad I have ever used. Going from cloth pads to the cerapad kin was a much easier transition than other hard pads on the market due to the fair amount of control you have with the kin. The size options are great especially for me playing a lower sensitivity. Visually its greats too.

  11. ashpeters198

    The cerapad gives you so much more control over your mouse movements and is also aesthetically pleasing. The feature that lets you customize your cerapad with your name is very cool and was a smart idea. 🙂

  12. david brown

    The cerapad is one of the best mousepads I have every tried. It helped my aiming so much when i came to warzone, valorant, and so many different games and the glide on the pad is amazing. the amount of speed and control is perfect. I’d rate the cerapad a 10/10 and would recommend it to anyone.

  13. semajn25

    Ever since I got the Cerapad Kin (1/22/2024), my tracking and flicking has been pretty accurate. It helped my aiming so much when it comes to Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and more. Having the speed, control, and stopping power is perfect. 10/10

  14. Icanhazlazers (verified owner)

    The mousepad came packaged incredibly well and the unboxing experience was great. For the mousepad itself, the glide is incredibly smooth yet after the break in period, has been every bit of controlled that I can ask for. I had used cloth pads all my life and this has been such an great experience. I haven’t had to use a sleeve and have had no arm sticking issues.

    The main thing I want to highlight is TJ Exclusives customer service. One word: fantastic. My initial pad came in with some defects that do happen when it comes to handmade products like this, and Rachel from the TJ Exclusives Support Team was quick to get me a replacement and not only that, helped me swap sizes as I realized I needed the longer Osmium instead of the square version I initially purchased. Absolutely fantastic and quick, and can’t thank TJ Exclusives and Rachel enough!

  15. andresen.tony

    Coming from a QCK Heavy and Artisan Hyate Otsu (Speed) and other control pads as well this was just a very pleasent surprise, the stopping power here is quite amazing and the friction is also there if needed! CS2 and Valorant this would be perfect for

    Also to note i am still in the break in period so i am still not through it but i bet it will be perfect after that as well
    And for those wondering if a sleeve is needed, i bought 2 and i tried both with and without, the comfort level is insane without a sleeve so there is no neeed but if you want more friction or if it is warm and you are sweating maybe the sleeve is the way to go, i’ve tried both and i honestly cannot say which one felt better

    I will definitely keep using TJ Exclusives products for the forseeable future!

    Also i am from Norway and i am using a Finalmouse ULX with the normal feets with no issues

    First hardpad, not the last

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