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Esports Tiger Mouse Skates


Esports Tiger 100% pure PTFE Replacement Mouse Skates. Use drop down to select your Gaming mouse and what version skates (ARC, ARC 2, or ICE).


Esports Tiger 100% pure PTFE Replacement Mouse Skates.

E-sports Tiger Gaming Mouse Skates Provide:

  • Smooth glide – An excellent set of replacement mouse feet, providing smooth glide and decreasing friction on the mouse pad. 100% pure PTFE Material providing increased mobility for your aim
  • Rounded edges – These mouse feet give an even more smooth operation and a glide which is light on the wrists. It feels great, and can help you to avoid strain even over longer gaming sessions when your wrist may get sore. It also keeps the mouse skates from scraping against your mouse pad and potentially damaging it
  • Enhance your gaming – Using Tiger Skates feet on the bottom of your mouse means that your mouse can feel more reactive and responsive

Package Includes

  • Mouse skates
Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 3.5 × .2 in


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